General terms and conditions apply to all business and business relationships between the company STUDIO LINGUA d.o.o. with its head office at Kružna 44 in Zagreb, registered number (OIB): 49058252527, or its registered affiliates (hereinafter “Translator”) and a customer of the service (hereinafter “Customer”) of translation, proofreading, correction or other services from the field of the activity which the translation agency STUDIO LINGUA d.o.o. is registered for at the Commercial Court in Zagreb. The Customer is any legal or natural person who orders a service from the Translator. By ordering a service from the Translator, the Customer accepts the general business terms and conditions, and in the case of a subsequently signed contract between the Customer and the Translator, the provisions of that contract will have precedence over these general terms and conditions. The Translator is obliged to provide the services of translation in accordance with the general terms and conditions. With their order the Customer accepts all the provisions of the general business terms and conditions. The Translator reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time, and will – if a change occurs during a project – inform the Customer in writing about it.



The Translator confirms the price which the Customer pays for the translation service with a pro-forma invoice or offer for the translation service, and it is delivered to the Customer by e-mail, fax or other forms of written communication. The smallest chargeable unit for a written translation is one standard translation page which consists of 1,500 characters including spaces, whilst for oral interpretation, it is 1 hour of translation. Every started page of translation is calculated as a full standard page. Proofreading and correction services are calculated by the standard page measure. For urgent translations an “urgent rate” is calculated which raises the price of a translation by 50% or according to the agreement. An urgent translation will be considered as six standard pages from a foreign language into Croatian, four standard pages of text from Croatian into a foreign language or from one foreign language into another foreign language produced in one working day, wherein only working days are taken into consideration, the day of receipt and the delivery day of the translation are not counted. A working day is understood as any day in the week from Monday to Friday. Any possible discounts can be agreed directly and only with the Translator and are valid only for an individual project unless defined otherwise by a special contract between the Translator and Customer. The Translator reserves the right to request payment from the Customer upon their receipt of the translation, and if not otherwise agreed, no later than 8 days after the invoice has been issued. In the case of a late payment, the Translator is free to charge the statutory interest on the amount of the debt and has the right to undertake all legal measures for the recovery of their claim. All translations, materials and documentation which the Translator has produced for the purpose of performing the agreed work will remain in the ownership of the Translator until the Customer settles all outstanding debts. The Translator has the right to request an advance payment of a certain percentage of the estimated value of the translation or the whole amount of the offer in advance, in order to confirm the seriousness of the order. The Translator has the right to charge the Customer all costs incurred connected to the completion of the translation such as bank charges, postal expenses, expenses of sending mail, travel expenses, transport expenses etc. The Translator provides written offers based on the presented documentation.



The translated texts can be collected from the Translator’s premises, or delivered by fax or e-mail to the Customer’s address. If the Customer requires delivery by post, a registered consignment, a courier service or by coming to the Translator’s office then the Customer is obliged to pay the costs of such deliveries. The Translator agrees delivery deadlines for a translation with the Customer and confirms this in the offer or pro-forma invoice. The deadlines for producing the translation begin from the day of the acceptance of the offer unless agreed otherwise between the Customer and the Translator.



Upon the request of the Translator the Customer is obliged to provide all the necessary literature in the language to be translated, and which can serve as help upon the translation of texts which contain specialist terminology. The Customer is also obliged to appoint a contact person whom the Translator can contact in the event of any doubt in connection with specialist terminology. The Translator has the right to refuse issuing an offer or pro-forma invoice if they have not been presented with the text that needs to be translated. The Customer has the right to lodge any possible written objection about the delivered translation, within seven days of the delivery of the translation at the latest and only if they have concluded all their obligations towards the Translator. The Translator will, within an additionally reasonable deadline, correct the translation for which the Customer has lodged a complaint if the Translator considers that it is necessary. The Customer has no right to request a refund for a translation for which they have lodged a complaint, and a translation which the Translator has produced. The Translator is obliged to respect the translation deadlines and to carry out the translation in line with their best knowledge and abilities. In the case of delay, the Translator is obliged to inform the Customer as soon as possible and to offer the Customer a new delivery date. In the case of an order cancellation, the Customer is obliged to pay the full amount to the Translator for the whole translation or, by exception, upon the special written approval of the Translator, for that part of the work which the Translator has carried out until the moment of cancellation, and by an invoice which the Translator issues. The Translator has the right to cancel any Contract concluded between the Customer and the Translator as well as a Customer’s order without particular explanation, by sending a written notice to the Customer. The Translator is authorised to transfer their rights and obligations from these general terms and conditions in their entirety or partially to a third person. The Customer does not have the right, except with the special written consent of the Translator, to transfer their rights and obligations to a third person.



The Translator makes a guarantee to the Customer that the translation service will be conducted conscientiously, professionally and within the agreed deadline. The Translator guarantees the confidentially of the information and the guarding of business secrets, of intellectual and industrial ownership, patents, regardless of whether they are registered or not. Since no transfer of data over the Internet can be completely secure, the Translator cannot guarantee the absolute security of information. The Customer will compensate the Translator for all the damage incurred due to claims, the losses or costs which might be incurred as a consequence of any kind of requests directed to the Translator, and/or due to the contents of any document translated by the Translator for the Customer. If there are demands of compensation against Studio Lingua d.o.o., in other words, the Translator, they are limited only to the amount invoiced for the completed service, unless otherwise agreed. Studio Lingua d.o.o. is liable only for intentionally caused damages or damage caused by extreme negligence. Liability in the case of force majeure, of consequential damages and the loss of profits is excluded. The Translator is not liable for the contents of documents which the Customer has submitted, nor are they liable for the consequences of the translated contents.



Neither the Translator nor the Customer is liable for the delay in the fulfilment of their obligations for which they are not to blame, in other words, due to force majeure or technical difficulties (for example problems with the Internet connection of the Translator). All information or any other kind of correspondence after the ordered work is composed in written form and delivered by post, fax or e-mail.



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These general terms and conditions apply from November 2009.