Frequently asked questions

What is a standard page?

A standard page is the unit of measurement for calculating the amount of text in a document. One standard page of translation contains 1,500 characters including the spaces.

How soon could I receive my translation?

You can receive urgent translations, depending on the amount of text, as soon as possible. We arrange deadlines for all other translations with the client.

How is the price of a translation calculated?

The price of a translation is calculated according to the complexity of the text, the language combination and the delivery deadline.


Due to this, every translation is approached individually, taking into consideration the language combination, the quantity of text to be translated and the deadline by which the translation should be delivered.
We calculate the best prices for our long-standing clients.

What is the translation procedure?

You can send us the text for translation via e-mail, by post or bring it to us in person. After that you will receive an offer which contains the amount of text, the price and delivery date. The translation can be sent by e-mail, registered post or you can collect it in person.
Quickly and effectively: According to the client’s wish, the whole process from the initial enquiry, order confirmation to the final translation can be done via e-mail.

Who will translate my text?

The director personally translates a great amount of the texts into German and Croatian languages, and from English into German, which in particular involves medical, legal, accountancy and other documentation as well as projects connected to EU funds. All of our professional translators are language experts, and each project is assigned to a translator who has the most experience in a particular field.

What kinds of translation can I order?

You can order a written uncertified translation, a written certified translation as well as the proofreading and correction of a text. Do you need the translation of your company’s website or business documentation? Do you need the urgent translation of medical results for abroad or from abroad? Do you want the translation of a book, of songs or similar? From an ordinary letter to the most complex text, we carry out every task professionally and competently.
We also translate specific language combinations, such as the translation from English into German and from German into English.

Contact us! We respond to all enquires as soon as possible.